Chiropractic Neck Traction Pillow

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• U-shaped design for comfortable neck support: The U-shaped design of the pillow ensures the neck receives optimal support, guaranteeing a comfortable massage experience. 

• Shiatsu massage rollers for deep tissue massage: The shiatsu massage rollers deeply penetrate the muscles, delivering a comprehensive and efficient massage. 

• Gravity-activated for easy use: The pillow is specially designed to harness the force of gravity, facilitating ease of use and guaranteeing that the massage rollers remain in their proper position at all times.

• Manual usage mode for personalized massage: Users are able to personalize their experience with the pillow by manually adjusting the intensity and pressure of the massage.

• Color: Blue, Green, Black, Pink.

• Usage: 

1. Take a supine position to rest.

2. Pad on the back of the neck near the shoulder.

3. Bend your feet and put your hands in front of your head.

4. The head is suspended, about 1cm from the bed surface.

Did you know that the neck traction pillow can correct your posture?

Poor neck posturecan cause headaches, pain and even health problems. What is the first step in relieving the symptoms of bad posture? The answer is theChiropractic Neck Traction Pillow.

This pillow was designed torestore the normal curveof the neck. Itrelaxes the spinal cord, stretches the muscles of the neck and allows proper fluid motion. The V-shape curve design holds your cervical vertebra,relieving muscle fatigue.

Why is the Chiropractic Neck Traction Pillow right for me?

✔️ Dense and soft foam design provides a sturdy and comfortable base

✔️ Effective physical solutions to soothe away pain and stress

✔️ Relaxes the muscles on both sides of the cervical spine

✔️ Support and fix the position of the cervical spine

✔️ Better alternative than your weekly massage